For the lead safe home
Lead paint in the home can be hazardous to children, pets, and do-it-yourselfers. Until now only expensive tests performed by professional inspectors could tell the homeowner if toxic lead paint was present.
Don't scrape that paint until you know!
The same state mandated chemical test inspectors use
An extensive manual on testing for lead
One hundred tests - screens an average home
Tools - a magnifier, blades, gloves and tweezers
A reference lead paint sample
Using The Lead Detective  a solution is mixed, then dropped from an applicator bottle onto a paint sample. The sample turns black if lead is present in quantities greater than 1 percent.
An instruction manual contains directions for kit use, as well as information on causes, symptoms and diagnostic evaluation of lead poisoning, and removal of lead from homes.
Protect your family and yourself, evaluate property you are buying or use it to rehab you home.
Price information.
The recommended retail price for The Lead Detective  is $29.95. It is available as individual units or in cases of 12. For an individual sale please add $4.50 shipping. We give quantity discounts. Freight is FOB from the factory. The net weight for an individual piece is 14.2 ounces, and for packages of 12 is 7.94 pounds. (The US Post Office has given its approval for this kit to be shipped by mail.
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